Our world class data destruction service offers Bay Area & Silicon Valley customers a completely customizable process that exceeds any stringent requirements you may have, giving you unparalleled confidence and security.


Data Destruction

Data Center Migration

Hard Drive Destruction & Secure Wipe Policy

  1. Drives are removed from servers, computers, and/or laptops onsite or offsite per request.
  2. Drives are inventoried per request or checked against provided inventory list.
  3. Drives are then put in secure bins.
  4. Drives in the bins are taken to our shredding facility and shredded accordingly.
  5. Onsite Hard Drive Shredding is available for an additional cost.
  6. All computers, servers and laptops are then recycled at a certified local recycling center.
  7. A Certificate of Destruction is provided to the client.
  8. Drives being resold will be securely wiped using a Certified Data Destruction Process.
  9. We use a multi-pass data wipe in accordance with DoD standards. This process ensures that all information is removed from the drives and are unrecoverable.
  10. Upon completion of the process, a CoD (certificate of destruction (CoD) is issued.


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